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What is Detroit Style Pizza?

Detroit Style, is the perfect pan Pizza. Baked in pans originally used to carry automotive parts (hence the “Detroit” connection.) Our Pizza has a crunchy bottom, fluffy middle, and crispy cheesy edge.


Marc Schechter

Chef/ Partner

Marc is a self taught Pizza nerd whose mission is to put Detroit Style Pizza on the map here in the Bay. Marc started making Pizza in his home kitchen then cut his teeth working weekends at Pizzeria Delfina, PizzaHacker, Del Popolo, and Casey’s Pizza. The PizzaMan Pop up at Vinyl began in March of 2018 and quickly became the proving ground for a secret menu of Detroit Style Pizzas. Now he’s a Square Pie Guy who won’t rest until DSP takes over!

Check out his work on his Instagram — @pizzaman_420

Danny Stoller

Chef/ Partner

Danny is a 12 year veteran of the hospitality industry having cooked and cheffed at award-winning - Seattle restaurants Tilth, Revel, and Luc before running national logistics for Dinner Lab. He moved to the Bay Area in 2016 to help oversee innovation at the personalized nutrition start up Habit. Now a Senior Development chef at a boutique hospitality design firm, Stoller is excited to be working on his own project and loves the science and art of pizza despite growing up in a gluten free household. Danny brings the perspective of, "Why hasn't this been tried before?" to SPG.

Check out his work on his Instagram — @hijodebuffalo