How do I Square Pie Guys?

If you’re dining with us in store, you can order either at the cashier or through our self-ordering kiosk. Once you’ve ordered, grab your drinks at the counter then take your table to any open table. Don’t be afraid to move tables together or apart as you need - it’s a flexible space. Plates and utensils are located on the counter, next to the cash register and we have self-service still and SPARKLING water at the end of that same counter. Go ahead and grab a caraffe - we want you to stay hydrated!

How many people does 1 pizza feed?

One of our 8x10” pizzas is likely enough for 1 to 2 people. If you’re not sure, add on a salad, some wings or a sandwich to round it out. For larger groups we recommend 1 to 2 less pizzas than your total group and 1 or 2 sides. And hey, if you want more, our team can always ring you up for another pie at your table. No need to wait in line again.

Do you take reservations?

At this time Square Pie Guys is unable to take reservations for groups smaller than 20 to 25 people. However, if you call 30 minutes before you arrive, most times our staff can ensure a larger group finds a table. No promises though, all’s fair in love and pizza.

What sizes are your pizzas? 

At Square Pie Guys, we’re a one size fits all type of place. Our pizzas are 8x10”, about the area of a 14” round pizza.  But that doesn’t mean we don’t think you’re special! Any of our pies can be made half and half for a small charge.

I have food allergies what can I eat?

GF: Many of our menu items are natively gluten free, or can be made so easily. In fact, we don’t fry anything containing gluten in our fryer, and our breaded chicken thighs are gluten free. Pro-tip: We DO have gluten free pizza crust and we’ve been accused of lying, it’s so good. Because we prep the pizzas in special pans and don’t use extra flour while we are cooking your food, our GF pies are also much lower risk for cross contamination! 

Vegan / Vegetarian: We always have multiple vegetarian pizzas on our menu, and almost any of pies can be made vegan (see below.) Our house salad, the Chilled Bowl Salad, is free of all of the 8 common allergens (gluten, dairy, soy, fish, tree-nuts, peanuts and eggs) 

 What brand is your vegan cheese


Does not contain Gluten, Dairy, Eggs, Soy, Fish, Peanuts, Tree-nuts, Crustaceans, Celery, Mustard, Sesame Seeds and their derivatives.

What brand is your gluten free flour?

We use Cup4Cup gluten free flour, a flour originally developed by the chef Thomas Keller.

Can I get a vegan and gluten free pie? 

Sadly that combo isn’t possible because Cup4Cup flour contains a small amount of milk powder (dairy). We 

Why should I leave a tip ? 

Unlike many restaurants where only the servers or the “front of the house” employees receive tips, we distribute tips equally amongst all of our team. This means that everyone on our crew has “skin in the game”. We might be a more casual style of service, in that you order at the counter, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be left wanting more. Any of our runners can ring you up for additional food or drink once you’ve claimed a table. No need to wait in line again :).

Do you do private events? 

If you’re interested in private events, please fill out the following form or email .

Do you offer catering? 

Absolutely - please fill this form out Click Here and we’ll reach out to you promptly

Do you deliver?

Yes we do! Click this link to place your order via the Caviar app

Do you serve alcohol? Can I bring my own?

We have beer and wine for sale, both on draft and by the can. If you’d like to bring your own wine, there is a 20$ corkage fee. Due to close relationships with the local breweries with which we work, we’d prefer it if you bought canned / bottled beer on site (not including the six pack you snagged at City Beer Store on your way over. Just keep the cans closed ::)).


Soon! Check our Instagram for updates.